In a true mock-anniversary performance, the collective Les Sirènes, composed of Francisco Meirino, Jérôme Noetinger, Matthieu Saladin and Juliette Volcler, invites you to a surrealist and socio-material deconstruction of a LUFF performance.

During the summer of 2021, Les Sirènes collected technical, financial and historical data on the sound system, the LUFF and the Casino, in short, all the conditions and mediations necessary to "speak into a microphone".

This first performance of infinite feedbacks will be interpreted by the brilliant sound poet Vincent Barras.

Imagined during a residency at La Becque and written with LUFF performance in mind, this text describes the necessary socio-material conditions for the sound poet - in this case Vincent Barras - to "speak into this microphone".

The text, read with a score-process à la Alvin Lucier, tells of the stories, the politics and the planetary transformations that its performance carries.

# 2021.luff.ch